Aug 16

“Peter Benchley’s name is synonymous with a bestselling novel and blockbuster movie—but he spent the twilight of his career struggling to protect sharks from the stigma that his masterpiece unleashed.” — How the Creator of ‘Jaws’ Became the Shark’s Greatest Defender

“The business case is clear," he said, as he launched revised waste and recycling targets for the EU. "There’s gold in waste - literally. It takes a ton of ore to get 1g of gold. But you can get the same amount from recycling the materials in 41 mobile phones.” —

Who what why: How much gold can we get from mobile phones?

I’m all for recycling, but this sort of speech generally doesn’t make sense. Processing ore is relatively straightforward and can be automated. Extracting elements from mobile phones is much harder, and generally requires some seriously nasty chemicals. Much better to recycle/reuse whole parts.

And British football has the sacred ritual of the pub. Mark Perryman, a research fellow in Sports and Leisure Culture at the University of Brighton, notes that many fans religiously attend the same pubs and do not leave until just before kick-off. “It would be tough to change that and get them out of the pubs more than five minutes before a game.”

He also says because football is such a big part of the UK’s identity that fans are resistant to changes coming from the outside.

Rugby on the other hand seems to have come closest to adopting tailgating. Twickenham is the scene of what have been described as “Range Rover picnics”.

” —

Why have tailgate parties not spread to the UK?

Having been to a US football game and seen the parties in person I was stunned. Some of it does come down to space, equally it’s a matter of tradition.

I like the British mix of ‘Ranger Rover picnics’, but it needs a better phrase.

Hemp fibres 'better than graphene' -

I love re-uses of waste like this, something we should be investing more in.

How to Be Polite

Aug 15

X’s are everywhere in user interface (UI) design. A powerful symbol, [x] is capable of closing windows and popups, toolbars and tabs and anything else that might otherwise be cluttering up your screen.

So where and when did the [x] first enter into the UI lexicon?

” — X to Close

The 30-year-old health sector billionaire -

Interesting yes, but is affordable blood testing really a revolution in healthcare?

Elizabeth Holmes says it’s about access to information: “We believe that when someone you love gets really, really sick, by the time you find out about it is usually too late to do something about it… a very painful experience.”

"If we could build a system that would help to change that, then we would make a difference in the world."

“Imagine an American breakfast and what comes to mind? Ham and eggs, with hash browns? Pancakes with maple syrup and bacon? The reality tends to be simpler. Cereal and fruit juice have been breakfast staples for generations - though that now seems to be changing.” —

What does America have for breakfast?

I ate cereal for breakfast every day, for most of my life, but recently I have switched to toast due to the increasing amounts of sugar in cereal. I agree some of it comes down to convenience, but you won’t see me munching one of those breakfast bars. Fruit and yoghurt is a possibility though.

Aug 07

Perth commuters tilt train to free man - video -

A man at Sterling station in Perth, Australia falls between a stationary train and the platform, trapping his leg. Staff ask passengers on board to move to the other side of the train to tilt it, but this doesn’t work, so staff line up other passengers who pushed the entire carriage to free the man

Aug 05

“Where is former Biggest Movie Star in the World Burt Reynolds? Back home in South Florida … teaching acting class.” — Professor Burt «