Aug 15

“Imagine an American breakfast and what comes to mind? Ham and eggs, with hash browns? Pancakes with maple syrup and bacon? The reality tends to be simpler. Cereal and fruit juice have been breakfast staples for generations - though that now seems to be changing.” —

What does America have for breakfast?

I ate cereal for breakfast every day, for most of my life, but recently I have switched to toast due to the increasing amounts of sugar in cereal. I agree some of it comes down to convenience, but you won’t see me munching one of those breakfast bars. Fruit and yoghurt is a possibility though.

Aug 07

Perth commuters tilt train to free man - video -

A man at Sterling station in Perth, Australia falls between a stationary train and the platform, trapping his leg. Staff ask passengers on board to move to the other side of the train to tilt it, but this doesn’t work, so staff line up other passengers who pushed the entire carriage to free the man

Aug 05

“Where is former Biggest Movie Star in the World Burt Reynolds? Back home in South Florida … teaching acting class.” — Professor Burt «

Aug 02

Let's Build A Traditional City (And Make A Profit) -

Some interesting ideas, even if some people would argue that living with the ‘human scale’ examples isn’t necessarily ideal.

Jul 31

“The negotiations—secret until now—are expected to result in an arrangement where studios promise to buy a set quantity of film for the next several years, even though most movies and television shows these days are shot on digital video.” — Kodak Movie Film, at Death’s Door, Gets a Reprieve

Jul 21

Jewish And Arab People Are Posing Together In Inspiring Photos Saying "We Refuse To Be Enemies"

“These two men are laying down their lives in mankind’s most noble goal: the search for truth and understanding.” — Letters of Note: IN EVENT OF MOON DISASTER

Jul 13

“Call them Trojan horse foods: nutritiously pleasing ingredients (oats, yogurts) that conceal a whole host of junk. We struggle to think of them as unhealthy, because they seem so pure, so wholesome, so stocked with goodness. We want them to be healthy because we have certain dietary cravings, and these foods taste so, so good. And they taste so, so good, of course, because they’re filled with the dietary equivalents of marauding Greeks. Namely, sugar, sugar, and more sugar.” — Your Health Food’s Hidden Sugar Bomb

53 Fascinating Facts About "Indiana Jones" You Probably Never Knew

“Explaining why she came [to the house of the family of slain Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir], teacher Nena Leibel tells Ari, “I personally think that any time one person does something good for another person, this world gets a little better.”” — What Happens When Israeli Mourners Visit A Palestinian Family