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Microsoft aims to make iPad an underdog with Windows 8 »

I was going to write a big rant about this, backing it up with some stats, but I can’t be bothered, so here’s my view instead:

The iPad only have 62% market share?  I’m not sure how they’re measuring that, but it’s blatantly wrong, how many people have you ever seen with something other than an iPad?  Me: none.

Anyway, then we move on to Windows tablets.  I like the idea, I think they pose some real competition.  What they lack in platform and apps they (don’t quite) make up for in potential for integration with servers and desktops.

Without either scrimping a lot (and I include going for a 7” model in that) or some serious subsidization they’re not going to beat the iPad on price though, we’ve seen all the Android manufacturers try and fail.

They’re also going to be late.  Windows 8 doesn’t have a release date, it’s likely to the 3rd quarter and that leaves precious time to get their tablets out before the end of the year.

So, think 2013 for Windows 8 tablets to make any dent at all.